Sunday, January 25, 2015

Series Review: Pride and Prejudice

I have never been a big fan of crime shows. They have never held my interest, this includes shows like Bones, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc. They are all the same and it gets really old after a while. These feelings have crossed over to dramaland as well.  So really I steer clear from a show like Pride and Prejudice but I have a thing for Choi Jin Hyuk. So I decided to give this show a try. And I am overall glad that I did. It was an entertaining show that kept me watching until the end. But it definitely wasn't perfect. 

The story follows Han Yeol Moo who is starting her first year as a prosecutor. She decided to become a prosecutor because of the murder of her younger brother years before. As she tries to unravel the mystery behind what happened to her brother and the connection between his murder and her boss Koo Dong Chi. 

The show really has a good mystery too it. Each new episode revealed something new but would keep enough things hidden to keep the audience interested. It would have been nice if toward the end of the show they would have started to answer more questions and added less to the mystery. By the end of the show we had so many loose ends to tie up but unfortunately they weren't able to. The last episode was probably the thing that disappointed me the most about this entire show. It was so horrible to watch this final episode that didn't answer any questions and left us with an ending that was bitter. 

The performances from the two male leads were great and were probably my favorite part of the drama. I loved their bromance and how their relationship went so much further than just friendship, they were family. Lee Tae Hwan stood out with his performance as Kang Soo and he is now engraved in my heart forever. He portrayed the emotions so well and every time he cried I wanted to cry with him. I am looking forward to seeing his acting develop in more dramas! And Choi Jin Hyuk was as dashing as ever and it was so frustrating to see the main girl accuse of some horrible things at the beginning of the drama. I am so sad that Jin Hyuk is going to be serving his military service this year. I am going to miss him! 

Baek Jin Hee wasn't my favorite part of this drama. I think the biggest problem was that I just didn't like the character she played, especially at the beginning. Her character did grow on me as the drama went on but I was never fully invested in her. Her chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk is what made me like her more

This drama was a good watch up until the end. It was suspenseful and entertaining and the chemistry between the two leads was really great. I think this drama suffered most between a complicated plot that was too much to tie up in the number of episodes they were given. And having a villain that didn't seem real and for most of the drama he was this invisible force that I didn't really care about. But for all it's faults it was an entertaining ride. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Impressions: Kill Me Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me
Genre: Drama, Romance, Medical, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Air Time: Wednesday/Thursday

Main Cast:
Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun / Shin Se Gi / Perry Park / Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yo Na / Nana / Mysterious X
Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin
Park Seo Joon as Oh Ri On
Oh Min Suk as Cha Ki Joon
Kim Yoo Ri as Han Chae Yun

Cha Do Hyun is the third generation of a chaebol family who suffers from multiple personality disorder after going through numerous life threatening traumas. As he tries to get his life back on track with the help of a psychologist, Oh Ri Jin. The seven people whom he created in his body begin their battle to be the final dictator that will have control over his life. Meanwhile, Oh Ri On is Oh Ri Jin's twin brother who is a genius writer. He is determined to find out the secrets and stories of this third generation Chaebol, and he starts following him around to uncover them. 

First Teaser for Kill Me, Heal Me

I have been looking forward to this drama since I heard that Ji Sung would be taking on the lead role. I find this kind of psychology fascinating and I wanted to see it well acted. Ji Sung is a very talented actor and if there is anyone I trust with this kind of role it's him. And so far he has really done a great job. 6 episodes have aired so far and I think the story is playing out very nicely. The show has a great mix of comedy and romance, but everything also has a darker undertone to. It is never too heavy on one drama and it balances out really well. 

I do have to say that I am not the biggest fan of Hwang Jung Eum. I didn't really like her in Secret and I am not loving her character in this either. The screaming has got to stop! But I love Park Seo Joon as her twin brother. He is so lovable and really brings a lot of life to every scene he is in. But I also get this really weird creepy vibe from him which I think comes from him having a secret stalker wall and being in love with his sister (it's complicated). I can't wait to see how his character is going to influence our lead. 

Each one of Cha Do Hyun's personalities hides a part of him that he doesn't want to face and each person living inside him knows that they aren't really a person until they can have final control over Do Hyun's body. They each try to get out and to make it the last time they have to fight. I find it all fascinating. What I want most from future episodes is more of Do Hyun's personalities and seeing how each one represents a part of our lead that he has hidden away. We have met three of his personalities so far, each one completely different from the others. I think it is a credit to Ji Sung and his dedication to making each personality different in little ways. 

This is probably my favorite scene from the drama so far. For some reason this scene got to me and it is really just beautiful. 

What I can hope for most in the coming episodes is that it won't loose itself in it's seriousness. I want the balance they have now to continue and even though I know it will eventually take a darker tone I want to have the humor and romance there to back it up. I have very optimistic that this drama will be able to keep going strong!!!

I love this drama's OST! You don't hear a lot of rap songs being the main theme song for dramas but this drama uses it so well, I have been listening to this song nonstop for the last two weeks!!! It's amazing. 

Series Review: Birth of Beauty

Oh this show... When this show first aired I really thought that it would be one that I would enjoy until the very end. Unfortunately I don't think this show lived up to the first impressions it gave me.

At the beginning of this drama it was funny and lighthearted and interesting.  Which made the show easy to watch and I found myself looking forward to each episode. What I loved most was the relationship between Han Tae Hee and Sara. At the beginning they were hilarious together and even though their relationship was completely ridiculous it was easy to fall in love with both of them.

I think the show started to struggle around episode 15 or so when they started into the common Kdrama trope of having a character break up with their love one because somehow in some stupid way you pose a threat to their well being. So of course they lie and make up something like not really being in love or whatever to break up because telling the truth is out of the question. Then we are forced to watch the once happy and cute couple get all angst ridden only to have them put aside the lying and hurt they put themselves through for 5 episodes in the last minute of the show. This is also commonly referred to as noble idiocy.

These types of shows are the worst offenders of noble idiocy. That's because they give us a glimpse of how good the drama could be at the beginning and then they swiftly destroy all the happiness in the world. This drama could have done well by cutting down the episodes and by focusing the conflict a little more. I really like the story of revenge and getting back at their lovers who have scorned them. But then there's the chaebol story line, and Sara becoming famous and the evil half brother and his conniving mother who just want to kill people. It was a little too much for me and it became a chore to watch the show.

I could not in good conscious recommend this drama to people, I can't tell someone else to watch something that I myself would never watch again. It is too long and drawn out that the story gets boring and melodramatic. It loses the heart it had at the beginning and it doesn't end in a satisfying way. Even though Joo Sang Wook is adorable, look at that face!!!

So adorable!!!