Sunday, August 23, 2015

Series Review: Oh My Ghostess

Oh man this drama! After a sling of disappointing dramas this was a really great breath of fresh air... because it was actually enjoyable to watch. This is the type of drama that you could totally marathon in one sitting, it is that entertaining. I am not saying that this show is without it's flaws because it definitely wasn't the perfect dramas, and if I had the power to go back and change a few things within the drama I totally would, but the show also had a lot of great qualities and those completely outweigh any problems I had. 

I think this drama grabbed onto a lot of the audience before it even started airing. The concept for the show is hilarious and it was very interesting. Having a virgin ghost posses a shy girl to seduce a narcissistic chef is pure gold and that really did draw a lot of people. But luckily the show didn't rely solely on the comedy. There was a lot of heart behind each of the characters and that made me care about each one of them. It's heartbreaking when a show makes you feel so connected to a character that is already dead, the happiest ending for her is to simply move on to the next life, it's really bittersweet. The show also set up a very dark plot beneath the comedy that didn't really get a chance to come out until the last few episodes, but Im Ju Hwan was very good at being as creepy as possible. There was just a nice balance between the comedy, romance, mystery, and drama that created a great show that never got boring. 

I think part of the charm of the show was the acting, I mean who can deny that Jo Jung Suk is the only actor who could take a character like Chef and make him this goofy love sick puppy. He was just adorable, and every time Chef looked at Na Bong Sun there was no doubt in my mind that they were in love. Then there is Kim Seul Gi, who has proved time and time again that she is a comedic genius, but is great about this drama is that we got to see a slightly more serious side to her acting as well and I was just as impressed with her dramatic acting as I was with her comedic chops. But the real MVP of the drama was Park Bo Young. I had never seen her in anything before, I think because she has recently stuck to movies and hasn't been apart of dramaland for quite a while. I am so glad that I was introduced to her in this because she is fabulous. She played two characters distinctly so the audience never had to question which person was currently in control. She is such a small person but she commands the screen and I was instantly drawn to her. I will definitely be seeking out her previous work! 
I think if I had anything that I would want to change it would be the time balanced more evenly between Bong Sun and Soon Ae. I was actually really frustrated for the first half of the drama because Soon Ae was spending so much time in Bong Sun's body and it really felt like Chef was falling in love with a ghost which is pretty problematic since, you know... she's dead and there isn't really a happy future for them. I think the relationship between Bong Sun and Chef could have been better established and I do think that was a missed opportunity. And while the lore of the whole ghost world wasn't established super well I think it came unraveled a little bit more for me toward the end. I think Choi Sung Jae was a really hard character at the end because he was possessed by an evil spirit but where does that spirit and his true personality meet? I feel like Sung Jae choosing to kill himself in the second to last episode was a fitting end to his character. Even if it was the ghost doing those evil deeds how could he try to go back to a normal life after the ghost left. So when he showed up again in the final episode I was kind of disappointed where that left him. 

Overall this was a great drama that had me excited each week to watch the new episodes. The chemistry between the actors was spot on and each one embraced their roles fully. The story line is fun and unique and there is a lot of skin-ship throughout the drama, which is not something you see all the time in dramaland. Park Bo Young is an amazing actress and I am so glad that her return to dramas was so successful and I look forward to seeing more from all the actors. I think what left me feeling so good about this drama is that I felt closure for every character. Soon Ae was able to solve her grudge and leave earth with zero regrets and she definitely left her mark on all the characters, especially Bong Sun. Their goodbye to each other was one of my favorite parts of the entire drama, it was so meaningful and they realized that they meant more to each other then either of them had initially planned, it was a beautiful ending for the two characters. I would definitely give this drama two thumbs up and would suggest giving it a watch. 

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