Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Series Review: The Time We Were Not in Love

Sigh...... I really, really, really wanted to like this drama because I had heard that the Taiwanese drama that it was based off of was really great. I knew going in that the story wasn't anything new, two best friends of opposite genders realize that the friendship they have built over the years has changed into something different. It's stories like these that keep the idea that girls and boys really can't just be friends, in the end there always has to be some sort of romantic feelings shared between the two. So while the story itself didn't have me super excited I was still really looking forward to the drama, Ha Ji Won is a talented actress and I really enjoyed her in The King2Hearts and while I hadn't seen Lee Jin Wook in anything previous he is just so cute that I couldn't help but like him. I really enjoyed the first two weeks of the drama, I thought it was cute and the potential was definitely there. Unfortunately the drama started to nose dive quickly after it was announced that they would be switching drama, and after that it was never able to recover. 

The biggest problem with the drama was definitely the writing, it just wasn't good. By the end of the drama I didn't care what happened to any of the characters. The hardest character to get behind was Ha Ji Won's character Ha Na. I feel like the character could have been a very strong and interesting female character who put her career first in her life and while she does want to have relationships and eventually wants to get married it doesn't control her life. We didn't get that.... nothing really close to that. She was so frustrating to watch and the only time she ever made a hard decision was to get back together with her douche bag ex-boyfriend. And even that decision didn't last long. So she was just a frustrating character and I couldn't follow her thought pattern. By the end her relationship with Won just seemed like she was giving up and settling. 

While she was the hardest character for me to remotely relate to Won wasn't much better. He made some really odd decisions when he was younger and really stuck to the whole "never loving Ha Na" thing like for twenty years he stuck to this mantra, then one day he decided to flip that switch and go after her. And while he was a really good guy who was always there to support Ha Na even when she was making crazy decisions that he didn't agree with, he still just rubbed me the wrong way. I definitely think it was his 90's throwback hair cut and his all denim outfits.... 

While the characterization was a big problem there was also no plot to be found in all 16 episodes. It was honestly just boring to watch. Each week I would have a slight glimmer of hope that the drama would magically somehow get better and each week they took that hope and crushed it. It get's to the point where even the happy ending doesn't mean anything anymore, you know that the drama is required to have this type of ending but they did nothing to earn it. I don't know why I watched it all the way through... I have this issue where when I start a drama I hate to stop in the middle, it is really hard to just drop something but I have done it before to dramas that were a lot better than this one. But somehow I accepted the challenge to finish this drama and I succeeded. I would never suggest this drama to anyone to invest 16 hours of their lives on. 

I wish they would have just kept L the entire drama.... He would have been able to help me through.

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