Sunday, March 13, 2016

Update: Why is Life So Damn Crazy!!

Okay so wow! I have not updated my blog in the longest time, not because I didn't want to or didn't have things to post about. But because school, work, and shows all stacked on top of each other meant that I was crazy busy! Luckily my life has calmed down and I am ready to throw myself into the blog life again! I have missed getting to put all my thoughts about dramas down on paper and sharing it with people.

Even though my life has not stopped for the past few months, I have still taken time to keep up on dramas I am interested in as they aired. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to watch any dramas that have already aired, and since there are so many that I have on my list that I hope to watch, I hope to start watching those again as well!

So here is a little list of what dramas I am currently watching and how I am feeling about the drama!

Descendants of the Sun

Holy Cow I love this drama so very much. Everything in this drama just works together and it has created a very special drama that is just entertaining. I think apart of it is that this drama is pre-produced which means the director, writer, and actors were able to actually take time to film scenes. It also means that they were able to edit the drama and have time in post-production to make the drama look absolutely gorgeous! Song Joong Ki is probably my favorite part of the drama, I am actually convinced that he is the perfect human. I have watched through episode 6 and if the drama continues to be as well put together as these first few episodes then we should have a very special drama that will become one of this years best.


I have started this drama this last week and I am about half way through. I am not usually a fan of cop procedurals but when a really well produced and well thought out procedural comes out it usually means it is something special and unique. This drama definitely falls into this category. The acting is amazing, the story is fascinating and well thought out and to top it all off it is directed very well. I can't wait to see where the story goes.


So this drama hasn't actually aired yet, it starts this coming Friday. But I am so excited to watch this drama! All the previews show a drama that is just going to tear my heart out, but..... in a good way? Lee Sung Min stars as the lead character and really any drama he is in I automatically think is going to be good, because he is an amazing actor. While I know this drama is going to be sad I hope it isn't too melodramatic and stays more realistic but we will have to wait and see. But I am very excited for this drama to premier.